david wills

Drawing and painting have always been an important part of my life, and I have endeavoured to engage with a wide range of subjects. Like many artists based in Cornwall I am in awe of the countryside around us, the skies, the coast and the sea in all its moods. The area and people have always provided me with an unfailing source of inspiration for my work.

As a consequence I usually have a sketch book close at hand. I enjoy exploring the way people's body language, gestures and mannerisms furnish us with insights into their relationships with one another and the worlds they live in. Glimpsed conversations, humorous moments and group activity have always intrigued me. Interaction as seen in games, the passing of knowledge from one person to another and the handing on of stories from one generation to the next, are subjects that fascinate me deeply.

I do not restrict my work to any particular style nor do I believe that I should seek one out. Each piece of work is a journey in itself along a path that I sense is there to be followed if I can only find it. A further consequence of this belief is that I see no need to restrict myself to any one medium and so I work in acrylics, watercolours and pastels and occasionally in oil on a variety of supports depending on the result I am seeking.